Unfurling the World cover

Between 1933 and 1956, Irving and Electa Johnson sailed with young, inexperienced sailors aboard two schooners, both named Yankee. Each time the Johnsons set sail for a voyage, they witnessed new and remote places that few people had visited. World class sailor and film producer Gary Jobson narrates the original footage shot by Captain Johnson and the Yankee crew which is now archived at Mystic Seaport. In exclusive new interviews some of the crew members pay tribute to the Johnsons and share their lifetime memories of the voyages around the world.

The travels took the Johnson and the crews to mysterious Easter Island and the beautiful Bali where they meet intriguing inhabitants, and experienced true maritime history when they raised the anchor of the HMS Bounty on Pitcairn Islands.

Unfurl the world, and discover all the excitement and beauty of travelling around the world without even leaving your seat.

The one hour, seventeen minute DVD is available online from the Mystic Seaport Museum